10 countries with the highest number of internet users

​Internet users worldwide have increased over the past few years and they continue to rise each year. Although countries with larger population have more internet users (a sheer number game), there are exceptions to this pattern. According to Exploding Topics, here is a list of countries that currently boast of the highest number of internet users:

China — 1.05 billion users

China, with its enormous population, leads global internet usage with an estimated 1.05 billion users. Nearly 3 in 4 people (74.36%) in China are internet users.


India — 692 million

India currently ranks second with just under half of its population (49.15%) using the internet – that accounts for 692 million people.

US — 311.3 million

The US rounds off the top three with 311.3 million of its 331.9 million population using the internet (93.79%).

Indonesia — 212.9 million

Indonesia ranks fourth in the list of countries with highest number of web users. In a population of 273.8 million, 77.76% use the internet.

Brazil — 181.8 million

This South American country stands at the fifth position in the list of nations with the highest number of internet users. Brazil has a population of 214.3 million and nearly 85% of them access the internet.

Russia — 127.6 million

Nearly 90% of 143.4 million Russians search the web which makes the country sixth on the list of countries with the highest number of internet users


Nigeria — 122.5 million

More than half of the population of this African nation connects to the internet and places itself in the seventh rank on the list

Japan — 102.5 million

There are 125.7 million Japanese internet users which is more than 80% of the nation’s population. This Asian country stands at the eighth position on the list.

Mexico — 100.6 million

Nearly 80% population of this North American country access the web. Mexico, with
126.7 million users, is the ninth country with the highest number of internet users.

Pakistan — 87.35 million

Less than 40% of Pakistan’s 231.4 million population connects themselves to the web. Still, it puts the country in the tenth place in terms of internet userbase.