Now that we’re into the second half of the year, and many companies have already made considerable cuts and layoffs in the first half of 2024 due to AI and efforts to reduce inefficiencies, many anxious professionals are worrying:

What will the second half of 2024 bring?

As if the layoffs pandemic couldn’t get any worse, 60% of U.S business executives say that their company is likely to have layoffs over the next few months, in the second half of 2024, according to a new ResumeTemplates survey of 934 business leaders. And of this number, nearly half anticipate reducing 30% or more of their total headcount.

As if this news couldn’t be more surprising, what comes next will totally blow your mind:

When asked to list their core reasons for layoffs, the top factors that emerged were needing to cut costs, poor employee performance, and AI taking over the workload, citing lack of AI skills.

The AI skills factor is such a crucial issue that three in four business leaders agreed that employees with artificial intelligence (AI) skills would be much less likely to be laid off from their jobs.

The findings from this survey make total sense, especially since, according to a recent Amazon Web Services survey, “73% of surveyed employers consider hiring talent with AI skills and experience a priority. But, nearly three in four (75%) of them say that they can’t find the talent they need.”

What does this mean to you?

If you are working for an employer right now, the chances are high that your organization made the list in being part of the 60% who are currently anticipating layoffs for the next half of 2024. Whether or not that happens is out of your control.

But you experiencing a layoff is not entirely out of your control. You actually have the power to make a difference in your career and future-proof yourself as much as possible against the likelihood of being laid off this year, by learning and developing AI skills…fast.

This applies to you, whether you consider yourself to be a “techie” or not, or whether you work in the IT support or software development department or not. Regardless of your profession and department you work in, and regardless of your industry, AI skills—which are also high-income skills—will play a crucial role in determining your career future and how long you are able to stay in your job.

These high-income AI skills can make all the difference between remaining in your job while also boosting your salary, or being part of the next wave of layoffs and getting hit financially.

6 High-Income Skills For AI In 2024

Employers are already eagerly implementing and integrating artificial intelligence into their processes and workflows, and they need the aid of skilled employees to ensure this transition runs smoothly.

Some of the core skills that are in demand right now include knowledge/practice of:

  • AI ethics
  • Generative AI
  • Prompt engineering
  • Data analytics

For an example of how AI skills can positively impact your salary, Indeed revealed in a report released this year that out of the top 10 tech skills, Generative AI ranks the highest in terms of pay, adding an extra 47% increase in salary.

But beyond the hard, technical skills such as those listed above, soft skills, also known as power skills are also needed by employers as they brace for the age of AI.

“The survey also reveals employers are not solely focused on workers with technical skills such as coding. In fact, critical and creative thinking are even more in demand by employers,” Amazon’s insights further revealed.

Critical problem-solving and creative thinking are skills that cannot be replaced by AI—at least for now. In fact, the World Economic Forum revealed that these skills will be in high demand over the next few years, so this shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Forbes3 In-Demand, High-Income AI Skills You Need In 2024

How To Develop High Income Skills In 2024

To learn high-income skills for AI, you can focus on obtaining certifications, such as those readily available via Google career certificates, Coursera, LinkedIn Learning, and other places that offer certificates, to give your skills a badge of credibility and demonstrate to your employer that you’re serious about your professional growth.

You can also proactively ask your manager to provide you with any advice as to core skills they feel are lacking, or key strengths you already have that you can master and excel at. They may be able to point you in the right direction for professional development for these high-income AI skills.

Although another wave of layoffs is about to sweep workers in 2024, you needn’t get caught out. Proof yourself with AI skills, and you will be more likely to retain your job this year.

And who knows, you might even secure a pay rise too.

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