Prince Harry plans a surprise visit to the UK to mend relations with the Royal Family, according to a source. This comes after the Duke of Sussex was ignored on three recent occasions. Harry has reportedly decided that he must take the initiative to build better relationships with the Royal Family members.

“He can’t believe it’s come to this, and he’s now saying he’s going to fly over and force them to face him. He’s still a prince, after all; they’re still his family, and whether they like it or not, he’s refusing to just be cast aside,” a Royal Family insider told Closer magazine.

“He continues to be heartbroken and confused by the way he’s being treated by the royals. It’s as though he doesn’t exist anymore,” the source added.

Sources also say Harry’s wife, Meghan Markle, is trying to be supportive as her husband plans the surprise trip to the UK. However, the Duchess of Sussex is not enthusiastic about Harry reconnecting with the Royal family, as per sources.

A source close to the Sussexes has told Closer Magazine that Meghan is trying not to let her opinion affect their relationship. Nevertheless, she worries it might not be a healthy choice for Harry to reconcile with the British Royal Family.

Royal Family’s stance won’t change

Meanwhile, Harry’s family is unlikely to change their stance even if he visits the UK.

“The odds that his family is going to suddenly change their tune just because Harry shows up in person are not high, to say the least. He’s been over there already and couldn’t get the time of day from any of them, not even his dad, so it’s hard to understand why he thinks this trip is going to be different,” the source added.

Prince Harry snubbed thrice

Harry was not invited to Trooping the Colour. He had to watch the King’s official birthday from the US and felt “upset and emotional” seeing footage of Princess Kate Middleton, presently battling cancer.

He was not allowed to meet his father, King Charles, during the May trip. It was reported that the monarch was “too busy” to meet his younger son.

Harry was not invited to the wedding of Hugh Grosvenor, the 7th Duke of Westminster. On June 7, Hugh got married to 30-year-old Olivia Henson.

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