On June 13, the Chinese video platform Bilibili officially launched the “New Generation Musicians Program – Original Season.” This program features a large-scale music creation and musician selection contest for singer/songwriters. It will also provide a 5 million RMB (renminbi) fund, along with diverse exposure opportunities for participants.

The initiative aims to empower musicians to make choices, with a focus on “Musicians helping musicians,” garnering industry support. Eight artists, including Chen Chusheng, Chen Li, Penny Tai, Han Hong, Hua Chenyu, David Tao, Wang Sulong and Tia Ray, are collaborating with the contestants. Sony Music will handle album production, while Billboard China will provide comprehensive coverage of the event. Sixteen acclaimed music critics will assist in promotion through online media, and 13 record labels will offer performance and collaboration opportunities to the contestants.

In 2023, Bilibili introduced the “New Generation Musicians Program – Girls Season” to showcase female musicians, achieving significant success. Industry insiders anticipate that this year’s event will unveil more rising stars in the Chinese music scene.

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