Brad Pitt realises his mistake after kids snub?
Brad Pitt realises his mistake after kids snub?

Brad Pitt’s kids distanced themselves from him one by one, which made him realise that his legal battles with their mother and his ex-wife, Angelina Jolie, were the cause.

After the fateful flight they took in 2016, the family was never the same, as bitterness between Hollywood’s once darling couple erupted in public afterwards.

“The kids’ dropping Brad’s name is just the tip of the iceberg,” an insider shared. “Brad spent a lot of time and money trying to do what he thought was the right thing for his kids, but now he’s wondering if it was worth it.”

The impact on the kids was unimaginable, as sources say the Oscar winner was “sorry for everything that went down and that he knows he wasn’t a model husband or dad during the time they were together.”

Following this fuss, insiders told the Star Magazine that the father-of-six is changing himself to become acceptable in his children’s eyes.

“He’s become a “better person” for it and sober. As for if he’ll ever be able to rebuild a relationship with his children, the 60-year-old “knows he can’t force the issue” and make them “want to see him.”

“It has to be on their terms, but he’ll be there when they’re ready,” the tipster tattled.

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