Chrissy Teigen is defending her bathing practices.

On Wednesday (June 19), the Cravings author clapped back at criticism over a video posted by her husband, John Legend, that shows her cleaning up in “dirty” bathwater.

“Currently getting roasted online for being dirty because no one listened the the audio where I say I’m soaking off body makeup (to shower after!),” Teigen wrote on Instagram. “Full blown fights in John’s comments. My favorite is ‘baths are not for bathing.’”


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She added, “I love a good old fashioned roasting though, u guys are killing it (it being never touching grass ever).”

Legend poked fun at the situation in the comments section of her post. “Baths are not for bathing is some amazing internet-ness,” he wrote.

Earlier in the week, the R&B crooner shared a clip on Instagram of his nude wife soaking in a tub full of brown-colored water. “Sometimes you gotta exfoliate! @chrissyteigen’s favorite @loved01skin product,” he captioned the video.

In the clip, Teigen explains that she’s removing her body makeup while scrubbing her leg with a washcloth as Legend pans to a bottle of his skincare brand, Loved01. After seeing a flood of criticism, she took to the comments to reiterate that “the water is dirty because I’m getting my body makeup off, like I said in the video my sweet angels!”

But viewers didn’t seem convinced. “That dirty a– water wtf,” one person commented. Another added, “IDGAF if it is makeup. It looks dirty.”

Teigen and Legend are currently attending the 2024 Cannes Lions festival in France. The EGOT winner performed during a Spotify event on Tuesday (June 18).

See Teigen’s response to the “dirty” bathwater criticism on Instagram below.

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