Cirque du Soleil is taking its death-defying routines to the big and small screen.

The entertainment company has launched a movie and TV division, Cirque du Soleil Studio, to develop long-form content based on its live stage shows. Some of Cirque du Soleil’s popular productions include the martial arts-inspired “Kà,” Beatles-centric “Love” and Greek and Roman-esque “Mystère.”

Filmmaker Ridley Scott has been enlisted to adapt one of its first projects, which will be a feature film about “O,” the water-themed stage show at the Bellagio in Las Vegas.

“Among the many projects in active development, Cirque du Soleil Studio has teamed with Ridley Scott and Scott Free Productions to develop and go to market with a groundbreaking concept for a feature film based on ‘O,’” said Michael Pruss, president of film production at Scott Free. “We cannot wait to come together and bring the incredible world of ‘O’ to the big screen for audiences around the world.”

Susan Levison, a former CBS and WWE executive, has been hired to run the new venture as its Los Angeles-based general manager of film and TV. She will be responsible for overseeing the entire division, including unscripted and scripted television, film, animation and documentaries.

“I’m thrilled to be joining the vibrant and talented team at Cirque du Soleil during such an exciting time of growth and transformation,” Levison said in a statement. “We intend to leverage our extensive IP library to create TV and film projects that surprise and delight our audience.”

Cirque du Soleil Entertainment Group’s chief customer experience officer Anne Belliveau believes that branching into film and TV will allow the company to “fully leverage our remarkable intellectual properties, delivering a diverse and dynamic array of content to global audiences.”

“This expansion, a significant milestone under my direction, underscores our commitment to innovation and excellence,” Belliveau said. “Our L.A. studios signify not merely an expansion of space but a profound evolution in our creative capabilities, establishing a new benchmark for engaging entertainment across multiple platforms.”

The Hollywood Reported broke the news of Cirque du Soleil’s film and TV ambitions.

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