Image caption, Sara Bland bumped into the legendary guitarist as he wandered around Ipswich town centre before a gig

  • Author, Shariqua Ahmed
  • Role, BBC News, Essex

An autograph book that includes Jimi Hendrix’s signature – collected by a schoolgirl who bumped into him in the street – has been sold for £2,000.

Sara Bland, 70, originally from Colchester, was just 14 when she spotted the guitar legend wandering around Ipswich town centre.

She had gone to Ipswich with friends to see pop group The Walker Brothers, and they were hoping to get their signatures, but ended up meeting Hendrix instead. He was that night’s support act.

The book, auctioned on Saturday, had a guide price of £2-3,000. It sold for £2,000, just reaching the reserve price.

Image source, Potters Saleroom

Image caption, The US guitarist wrote “Love, Jimi Hendrix” in Mrs Bland’s book

Mrs Bland, who now lives in the south of France, recently told the BBC she had decided to sell her autograph book after seeing another Hendrix autograph fetch £6,000 at auction in Scunthorpe.

She said: “I thought, I have something that might be valuable and I’m not looking at it or anything anymore, so why not sell it?”

When asked what she hoped to make from the sale, she added: “If it sells it sells, if it doesn’t it doesn’t, but whatever I get for it, jolly good. I’ll be quite happy.”

Image source, Potters Saleroom

Image caption, Auctioneer Paul Potter, with his dog Henry, perusing Mrs Bland’s autograph book

‘Fate was kind’

The book went under the hammer during a two-day antiques and collectables sale at Potters Auctions Saleroom at Messingham, near Scunthorpe.

Auctioneer Paul Potter said “fate was kind” on that day in Ipswich back in 1967.

He said: “They really wanted Walker Brothers autographs but got Hendrix.

“Walker signatures today sell for fifty quid or less. Hendrix on the other hand is rock star royalty – and his autograph makes four figures on the rare occasions when it comes up for sale.”

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