DE-CIX Expands Internet Exchange Network Capacity in India
Interconnection service provider DE-CIX has expanded its capacity in India to meet the rising demand for network interconnection. At DE-CIX Mumbai, the operator has increased the density of 100 GE ports and upgraded the IX with 400 Gigabit Ethernet (GE) access technology. Moreover, the overall network capacity at DE-CIX Mumbai has dramatically increased to 800 Gigabits, DE-CIX added.

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Increased Network Capacity and Upgrades

DE-CIX says it has already migrated its customers in Mumbai to the new platform. “The upgrade is an important step for DE-CIX and for network operators across the country,” says DE-CIX India. “We are not only enhancing the quality for networks already connected to us, but also preparing for forthcoming developments in this dynamic market.”

The Internet Exchange (IX) provider said this enhanced capacity not only ensures smoother and more efficient data transmission but also underscores the readiness to support the burgeoning digital ecosystem with future-proof infrastructure. The newly installed technology makes IP networking more energy efficient.

Presence Across India

The DE-CIX India platform is available at 20 data centers in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, and Hyderabad, offering direct interconnection (peering), direct connectivity to major cloud providers, and other interconnection services. Furthermore, data throughput at DE-CIX Mumbai grew by 32 percent in 2023, reaching 1.5 Tbps at peak times, the company noted.

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Mumbai: A Strategic Interconnection Hub

The company highlighted that Mumbai is a strategic location for interconnection, hosting over 14 intercontinental cables. DE-CIX Mumbai, distributed across nine carrier-neutral data centers, provides a robust and resilient network experience, supporting CDNs, ISPs, Telco Networks, OTT players, hosting companies, and other networks across India and globally.

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