Justin Timberlake can laugh about his DWI arrest now!

The singer, who is currently on his Forget Tomorrow World Tour, was caught in controversy after his infamous arrest for driving while intoxicated in Sag Harbor, New York. Over a week after the incident, the Friends with Benefits actor has apparently moved on, as he joked about it at his recent concert in Boston. 


Justin Timberlake jokes about his DWI arrest in a recent concert

On Saturday, June 29, the Grammy-winning singer gave his intermission concert speech at his Forget Tomorrow World Tour crowd at the TD Garden. Amidst the speech, Timberlake dropped a very subtle yet obvious comment about his arrest, instantly catching fans’ attention. 

“So uh, is there anyone here tonight that is driving and … no I’m just kidding,” he said, referring to his arrest for allegedly driving while intoxicated. The brief one-liner was followed by an uproar among the attendees. 

He then asked the question he originally meant to ask, “Is there anyone here tonight that it’s your first time here to the show? Is there anybody here that you’ve been to 1, 2, 3, maybe 4 of our shows?” He gave a special message to the first-time attendees and hoped that they felt the love and fellowship around them. 

He thanked the fans for being with him “through all the weird haircuts.” He joked about one for the team in the lousy haircut department and expressed his gratitude to fans for sticking around through his nearly three-decade-long career.   


Timberlake continued his tour after the DWI arrest

On June 18, the singer was pulled over while leaving the American Hotel in Sag Harbor and was retained under one count of DWI and two citations. The citations included allegedly running a red light and not maintaining a lane. 

The NSYNC alum is due back in court on June 26. However, People reported that the hearing will be virtual and attended by Timberlake’s lawyers on his behalf as he’ll be on his European leg of the tour. 

As per the arrest report obtained by People, the cop who arrested the singer on the scene witnessed his 2025 BMW run a red sign and “fail to keep on the right side of the roadway.” The cop also stated that Timberlake performed poorly “on all standardized field sobriety tests.”

However, the singer’s claim on the arrest report said that he only had one martini and left for his friend’s house. So far, he and his wife, Jessica Biel, are not focusing on the arrest as much as they are on their careers and kids. 

Timberlake’s next performance will be at the TD Garden on Sunday, June 30. 


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