Dua Lipa left crowd breathless with fearless stunts

By Web Desk

June 29, 2024

Dua Lipa applauded for daredevil performance at Glastonbury
Dua Lipa left crowd breathless with fearless stunts

Dua Lipa is receiving heaps of praise for rocking her Friday night concert at the Glastonbury Festival.

Just a few minutes after dusting the opening set, she threw the F-word right toward her audience out of surprise.

According to Daily Mail, the singer was stunned by the crowd’s reaction for the very first song.

She shouted emotionally, “Glastonbury, what the f***! I can’t believe this. I’ve dreamt about this my whole life and I can’t believe I’m right up here, right here with you guys.”

“I am so happy to be here with you guys tonight. Thank you so much!” Dua Lipa added.

This was followed by her pulling off some risqué outfits for further impressing fans away with a powerful performance.

The vocalist’s next move was to voice out a roaring amount of support for the victims in Gaza as she sang alongside a cluster of Palestine flags raised around the area.

Footage showed Dua Lipa running into the crowd, then chanting vocals next to a banner that read, “Glasto for Palestine.”

Throughout the Israel and American funded genocide, she has remained among those longstanding celebrities who have encouraged everyone to help Gazans.

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