Hawk Tuah Girl is breaking the internet! (Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images)

I think it’s safe to say that the Hawk Tuah Girl is breaking the internet. She is everywhere you look on the internet right now and the memes are hilarious.

Most of us have been getting a kick out of the Hawk Tuah Girl since her appearance on a man-on-the-street video went viral. I can’t say all of us because somewhere out there is her father and/or brothers who can not be enjoying this right now. So, who is the Hawk Tuah Girl and why is she famous? Learn more below!

Who Is The Hawk Tuah Girl?

If you haven’t seen the video or any of the memes, you must not be spending much time on the internet these days. No matter what your preferred social media platform is, she’s gone viral on it with this video. Check out the clip that started it all below.

Now, people are making memes about it like crazy and “spit on that thang” is one of the most quoted sayings. You can’t escape it! Some of the memes have actually been really funny. The Hawk Tuah Girl is breaking the internet and no matter where you look there she is. Everyone is sharing the video and memes it seems like. Gen-Z and teens are doing it, millennials are doing it, and even older people are getting in on the fun! Everyone is enjoying this trend it seems like!

According to Yahoo!, her real name is Hailey Welch and she’s from Nashville, Tennessee. It looks like her Instagram has been taking off since the video went viral. She now has more than 53K followers and that number is growing every minute.

People have even been comparing her to WWE star Liv Morgan and I can see it! They look like they could be sisters. Liv got word of the comparison and decided to get in on the fun, too.

Check out some of the best memes from the trend below. Have you seen any good ones? Make sure to share them with us or tag us in them!

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