Scientists have conducted research in the jungles of Eastern Africa specifically in Uganda to investigate how chimpanzees treat themselves when they are sick or injured.

Chimpanzees in the jungle treat themselves using specific plants found in their environment.

According to the research conducted by scientists, chimpanzees use these specific plants from the jungle to treat themselves.

During the study, scientists obtained samples of these plants from the jungles and discovered that these plants possess antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Purpose of research:

Scientists have published their research in the journal PLOS One titled “Chimpanzees as a Source of Novel Drugs” aiming to explore new medications with the help of chimpanzees.

In this regard, a researcher from Oxford University stated that they have observed two different species of chimpanzees over the past four years at the Budongo Central Forest Reserve in Uganda.

The researcher further explained that since they cannot examine every item in the jungle for medicinal properties, they decided to study plants that chimpanzees use.

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