Senior Pakistani actor Rashid Mehmood expressed deep frustration upon receiving an electricity bill amounting to Rs45,000, stating he feels he was born in the wrong country.

A video of Rashid Mehmood displaying his house’s electricity bill went viral on social media. He revealed that after consuming 701 units, he was slapped with a massive bill.

Mehmood, who has survived four heart attacks, questioned why Allah spared his life, lamenting, “Was I kept alive just to endure this?” He expressed dismay at his inability to find work as an actor in Lahore for a considerable time, making it difficult for him to pay such a hefty bill.

He vented his anger, criticizing politicians and officials as thieves who live luxuriously while the common people suffer from inflation and exorbitant electricity bills.

The actor regretted that had he chosen dishonest means, he could have been wealthy, but his conscience always guided him to work honestly, believing Allah will judge him after his death.

Mehmood expressed deep sorrow for Pakistan’s situation, feeling he was born in the wrong country despite dedicating his life in service to it. He lamented receiving such high bills in return for his service.

The actor, in despair and distress, conveyed his pain and worry, stating he no longer wishes to live and hopes his family can live better after him.

Despite his hardships, he acknowledged his commitment to Pakistan but pleaded for Allah’s mercy, reflecting on a life that could have been easier abroad.

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