We’ve been having issues all year long with our Internet, but I think they’ve finally been solved, and it had three issues:

-Fiber line to our box connection was .4 kilometers or 1/4 of a mile, I had to check the line before calling to see if it had been damaged or the junction box also damaged, this was connected in 2015.

-The Electrical company installed brand-new large concrete poles in our Municipality last year, and so the poles are much higher than before, so to connect to us to the electrical grid the electrical company pulled up the wires along with the internet wires and broke loose the connection or attachment spot on our home.

-Many closer junction boxes have been installed in the last two years and closer to our home, but the previous technicians failed to move our line closer, to be fair I never mentioned this, but I thought that at some point they’d move us closer, or maybe they needed permission to move the line.

So this was the 3rd time we called our internet provider (nobody else is having issues but us same company) an in a two-week span but this time the company a black vehicle came out to our home and checked the modem and inside wires, everything was okay with the connection, and then they called for an outside repair team. Repair team showed up, and they had an old beaten up service truck, there was a very young skinny man and then a very old heavy large man, so my first impressions wasn’t so hot, but what can you do, you settle for whatever the repair team can manage.

But my first impressions of these two workers turned out very wrong, they finally did what all the other workers failed to do (or maybe the got the go ahead to move the connection closer) and that was to move my connection point much closer to our home, so only about 50 feet away, (we have fiber junction boxes on each side of our home now) the reason why we have trouble with the internet also is the close tolerances for the signal and our old junction box connection point was so far away you’d have to take a bike to check it out, so the technician could never get that correct tolerance signal, and it was in the worst area, so there’s a bend in the road also, the lines are a little lower at the old junction box and the big trucks hit it frequently.

I’ve noticed a huge change in connection speeds, and I’m very confident that no trucks can hit this new line and junction box, plus no crossover to deal with like the previous connection.

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