An X user named Udit Bhandari shared a story about a middle-aged couple from Gurugram who have been exploiting a ‘hack’ to get free meals at upscale restaurants. This disturbing story has left internet users shocked.

Bhandari recounted how he met the couple at a friend’s house party in Gurugram. During the event, the couple nonchalantly disclosed their deceitful practice and narrated how they carry a dead fly with them to posh restaurants in Delhi and Gurugram. Halfway through their meal, they would discreetly place the fly into their food and then create a commotion, demanding compensation for the supposed unsanitary conditions. As a result, restaurant management, aiming to avoid negative publicity and appease disgruntled customers, often waives the bill or offers the meal for free.

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The user emphasised that the couple engages in this behaviour ‘for fun’, as they do not appear to be financially strained. “They were proud to share this ‘hack’ for getting free meals and said they have done this many times,” Bhandari wrote. He further expressed his disbelief and disgust at their actions.

Internet users were quick to react, with many expressing their outrage and condemning the couple’s dishonest behaviour. The story has sparked a conversation about the lengths to which some individuals will go to exploit systems and take advantage of establishments.

The revelation serves as a cautionary tale about the extent of deceit some people can engage in for trivial gains, raising concerns about honesty and integrity in everyday interactions.

Published By:

Srimoyee Chowdhury

Published On:

Jun 26, 2024

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