Fans and insiders are paying close attention to the latest developments in the wobbling marriage between Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez. The two heavyweight celebrities married in July 2022, but they now appear headed for a divorce as Affleck has moved his personal possessions from the Beverly Hills mansion that the couple is trying to sell.

Over the past couple months, multiple reports have emerged detailing the troubled marriage between Lopez and Affleck, who has been leaning heavily on ex-wife Jennifer Garner as his current marriage disintegrates. Lopez’s frame of mind has been of great interest to fans too, and it does not seem that “Jenny from the Block” is doing all that great, less than two years after she tied the knot with Affleck in Las Vegas.

Lopez’s state of mind revealed

An insider with some knowledge of Lopez’s present mindset has revealed that the singer and actress is not doing well despite her recent Italian getaway — which Affleck used as pretext to gather his things from the mansion that the two have shared.

The marriage is completely over, and Jennifer is heartbroken,” a source close to Lopez told FOX News Digital.

The dissolution of their tempestuous marriage comes two decades after Affleck and Lopez broke up for the first time, in 2004. Lopez also described her first split from Affleck as “heartbreaking,” and reports have stated that if or when she splits from the actor/filmmaker again, Lopez will likely relocate with her children to New York City — the “Let’s Get Loud” singer was born and raised in the Bronx, one of the city’s five boroughs.

As for Affleck, the actor seems to be taking close friend Matt Damon’s advice amid the removal of his personal belongings from the $60 million mansion. A source told People that he is trying to distract himself from the deterioration of his marriage by involving himself more heavily in his work while the process with Lopez (and attorneys, presumably) plays out.

“He seems okay. He’s been at his office every day and seems focused on work,” the insider said. “He’s also spending time with his kids.”

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