Khloe, Kim Kardashian clash in explosive argument over lifestyle choices

Kim Kardashian and Khloé Kardashian crossed their swords in latest episode of The Kardashians ahead of family trip to Aspen, Colorado.

The Good American founder lost her temper after being persistently called out by Kim over her reluctance to step out of the house and do something other than spending time with her kids all day.

Khloé appeared done with her judgement and accused the American Horror Story star of projecting her “own insecurity” at her.

Meanwhile, Kim was relentless in her opinion of her younger sister’s decision to stay back, insisting she “interacts with other human beings beside the children in your family all day long.”

She admitted in the confessional: “You need to live your life, you have the world at your finger tips but you go see the world. You won’t let yourself go out there to find someone or even a group of friends.”

“You’re fine in Hidden Hills, your kids rule your life. ‘I have a schedule, I have somewhere to be.’ … I feel bad for you,” the SKIMS mogul added. “Live your f****** life, get out!”

Though Khloé ended up accompanying the family to the Aspen getaway, tension between the sisters was far from over.

“Kim is being a petty little b**** but I didn’t want Kim and her bad attitude and negativity and bitchiness to take away this trip from me and the rest of my family and me hanging out with everybody else,” she said to the cameras.

The duo ended up locking horns at the dinner table in their cozy cabin as Kim once again called out Khloé’s reluctancy to stay out late and tendency to stick to a “rigid schedule” in front of mom Kris Jenner and sister Kendall Jenner.

The Revenge Body alum stormed out of the room after a brief brawl with the mom of four, expressing regret over decision to come on the trip.

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