Sources suggest that Charles will succeed in getting Andrew to depart

The monarch is eager to generate commercial revenue from the mansion once he removes the Duke of York, who is currently refusing to vacate, it has been reported.

Andrew has declined other homes offered and is relying on his “cast-iron lease,” which stipulates that the dilapidated £30 million lodge in Windsor Great Park must be maintained in good condition.

However, sources suggest that Charles will succeed in getting Andrew to depart. There is even speculation that he might cease the £4 million annual support he provides to him.

An insider said: “It makes sense for Royal Lodge to be handed back to Crown Estates, which can pay for the much-needed repairs and renovations.

“It could then be rented to earn money for them, the King’s coffers and the country rather than being a drain on everyone’s resources.”

A property expert said: “Rental of £1million a year is not far-fetched for a house of that size with incredible royal connections.”

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