What you need to know

  • Microsoft’s AI CEO claimed that content shared on the web is “freeware” that can be copied and used to create new content.
  • The remarks centered around Microsoft and other companies using preexisting content to train AI models.
  • The CEO claimed that there’s a separate category of content that cannot be used to train AI, which is indicated by an organization explicitly stating “do not scrape or crawl me for any other reason than indexing me so that other people can find that content.”

Microsoft may have opened a can of worms with recent comments made by the tech giant’s CEO of AI Mustafa Suleyman. The CEO spoke with CNBC’s Andrew Ross Sorkin at the Aspen Ideas Festival earlier this week. In his remarks, Suleyman claimed that all content shared on the web is available to be used for AI training unless a content producer says otherwise specifically.

“With respect to content that is already on the open web, the social contract of that content since the 90s has been that it is fair use. Anyone can copy it, recreate with it, reproduce with it. That has been freeware, if you like. That’s been the understanding,” said Suleyman.

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