Nargis Fakhri recently spilled the tea on everything from her Bollywood journey to her fashion sense and even her beauty secrets. …
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Nargis Fakhri recently spilled the tea on everything from her Bollywood journey to her fashion sense and even her beauty secrets.

Hailing from New York with a diverse background of Pakistani-Czech heritage and American nationality, Fakhri considers herself a “global citizen.” She has not only established herself in acting but has also consistently impressed with her evolving style and fashion sense, winning over many admirers along the way.

Looking back on her journey, Fakhri reminisces that her breakthrough in the Bollywood industry came with her debut in Rockstar, which recently had a re-release.

While appearing on HTCity Showstoppers, she said, “Rockstar itself was a pivotal film in my career as it allowed me to showcase my acting abilities in a high-profile project directed by Imtiaz Ali and alongside Ranbir Kapoor. The film received critical acclaim, and my performance was appreciated despite being my debut. It has been the most challenging role of my entire career. It challenged me to push my limits as an actor and set a benchmark for the kind of roles I could take on in the future. Looking back, some of the proudest moments and achievements in my career include my debut in Rockstar, which was a defining moment and opened many doors for me in the industry,”

Rockstar, a film that has gained a dedicated following over time, recently returned to theaters. Fakhri finds the overwhelming love and support she’s received “incredibly gratifying and humbling.” She expressed amazement at how the movie still connects with audiences long after its initial release. Recognizing its enduring influence and its significance to so many people is a deeply meaningful experience for her.

In fact, she also mentions that becoming a Bollywood actress wasn’t a planned or conventional pursuit for her. She further added, “It happened unexpectedly, and each step along the way felt like a series of fortunate events and opportunities aligning perfectly. From that initial email to navigating auditions and eventually landing roles, I embraced each moment with gratitude and a willingness to learn and grow.

While the path to success in the film industry can be unpredictable and demanding, I’ve cherished every aspect of this journey. It’s been a testament to the power of seizing opportunities and trusting in the journey that unfolds before you,”

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