Proba-2 captures stunning view of Western Europe

by Erica Marchand

Paris, France (SPX) Jul 01, 2024

ESA’s long-serving Proba-2 mission, primarily focused on monitoring the Sun, occasionally turns its gaze back to Earth, capturing breathtaking images like this one of western Europe.

Proba-2, a satellite about the size of a washing machine, is equipped with an espresso-cup sized camera called the compact Exploration Camera, or X-Cam. Developed by Swiss company Micro-Cameras and Space Exploration, this monochrome camera operates in visible light and boasts a 100 field of view.

Launched in 2009, Proba-2 carried 17 experimental technologies, including the X-Cam, to provide early flight testing and help promote these innovations to potential clients.

Stephane Beauvivre, CEO of Micro-Cameras and Space Exploration, commented: “We’re still using the X-Cam on Proba-2 occasionally – it is very interesting in order to promote our products and show that it still works after all these years in orbit.

“Since then we’ve flown other cameras that are used to monitor deployments of satellite appendages, as well as during planetary flybys, such as on Sentinel-1A, BepiColombo and Juice.

“We have also recently delivered to NASA all the cameras – providing navigation, hazard and aft views – for the VIPER rover, which will mark NASA’s first lunar landing since the Apollo programme.”

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