Queen Camilla failed to hide her concern for King Charles during recent state visit from Japanese royals.

In a new video posted on official social media account of the royal family, the King, who is currently battling cancer, could be seen accompanied by his Queen Consort as the duo bid farewell to the royal guests.

Body language expert Judi James analysed Charles and Camilla’s mannerisms as they cut a apt regal figure to pay their respects.

She noted the 75-year-old monarch seemed to be “feeling a little tired,” catching Camilla’s concern who “might be keen to get him back into the Palace to rest.”

“There is a point where Camilla actually seems to speak to Charles to warn him and her left hand clenches and unclenches in a suggestion of growing anxiety,” Judi shared, as reported via The Mirror.

“He uses some two-handed ushering rituals but none of that takes away from signs that show this is a very affectionate relationship with guests that look reluctant to leave.”

“In the end, there are some more gentle ushering gestures from Charles before the car is finally off the drive,” the expert noted, “and he can presumably rest up for his recovery in the way that Camilla so clearly seems to be anxious that he does.”

For the unversed, senior members of the royal family, including King Charles, Queen Camilla, and Prince William warmly welcomed Empress Naruhito and Empress Masako at Buckingham Palace with an opulent dinner earlier this week.

Camilla has frequently vocalized her concern for King Charles in the wake of his treatment for an undisclosed form of cancer, as he remains persistent on undertaking royal engagements.

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