Ram Gopal Varma (RGV) spoke about the paranormal in a new video. The filmmaker, who has made movies like Bhoot, in an interview on his YouTube channel, recalled an interaction with choreographer Shiamak Davar, who claimed to have seen the spirit of RGV’s father aboard a flight. Also read: Ram Gopal Varma likes to scare people

Ram Gopal Varma recalls what choreographer Shiamak Davar said after he saw his dead father. (Photo credit" YouTube/RGV)
Ram Gopal Varma recalls what choreographer Shiamak Davar said after he saw his dead father. (Photo credit” YouTube/RGV)

‘I was completely taken aback’

The filmmaker recalled they were travelling to Chennai on the same flight and he went and sat next to Shiamak. RGV said, “The plane took off, and then, in day light, mid-air, he (Shiamak) suddenly asked me, ‘Your father passed away?’ So, this was an usual question to ask, but it was true…15 days before this encounter, my father had passed away. So I told him yes. Now, he was on the window seat, and I was in the aisle. He then looked at me for a while, and said, ‘He is here with us.’ I was completely taken aback! And he is a choreographer, I expect such questions from a guy, who is weird.”

‘I was very disturbed by that conversation’

The filmmaker added, “I said to him ‘Shiamak I don’t believe in this stuff’. Then he says he (RGV’s father) also never believed in it and is very concerned about you (RGV).’ How does he know my father died? That he was an atheist? I had a mixture of helplessness, anger, fear. I was very disturbed by that conversation. I suddenly got up and went back to my seat. And I started thinking, ‘How can he know?’ Now, there are possibilities. Either his father is dead or not, atheist or not, so the odds are not so great that you can’t luck on it. I also thought that I am a famous person and since both of us are from the industry, he might have overheard this and is playing googly!”

Ram Gopal Varma has given Bollywood many memorable horror movies. Right from the 1992 film Raat, starring Revathi, which is still considered one of the best horror films made in Bollywood, to Ajay Devgn and Urmila Matondkar’s Bhoot (2003). His other noteworthy films in this genre includes, Phoonk (2008).

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