SpaceX Starlink, the satellite internet service, has landed a major partnership with Comcast Business, a leg of the communications company, to provide connectivity solutions to customers.

Comcast Business will utilize Starlink’s low Earth orbit satellite technology to provide Comcast Business customers with fast and reliable internet connectivity that will ensure consistent service in even rural regions.

It is arguably SpaceX’s biggest partnership yet in terms of Starlink, although it has signed several other large-scale collaboration efforts in various sectors.

For example, Starlink provides Maersk with internet connectivity for crew members as they travel across the ocean.

SpaceX provides a unique opportunity for Starlink clients, especially in a business sense. Making deals and gathering connections can take people to all corners of the world, including regions where internet access is spotty or unreliable.

Starlink aims to bring more reliability for businesses that need internet in these locations. Its goal is to provide connectivity in even the most remote regions, and it continues to expand its footprint to make internet available in more parts of the world.

Jon Friedman, SVP of Product Strategy and Operations at Comcast Business, commented on the company’s partnership with Starlink:

“As the first major network provider to collaborate with Starlink, we’re excited to uniquely enhance our extensive managed connectivity portfolio with advanced satellite capabilities to better serve our enterprise customers. Starlink’s LEO satellite technology complements our existing network infrastructure, extends our reach and further enhances Comcast Business’ ability to deliver reliable connectivity solutions to enterprises with a human touch.”

Comcast expects to have more reliability for its Business customers because of the partnership, and it could set forth a push for more ISPs to collaborate with Starlink for the future.

Jason Fritch, VP of Starlink Enterprise Sales at SpaceX, said the opportunity is proof of the “growing role” the service is gaining:

“Starlink is excited to work with Comcast Business to deliver reliable connectivity to customers. This agreement with a leading service provider is an acknowledgement of Starlink’s growing role as a critical element in modern enterprise networks.”

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