T-Mobile remains the wireless provider with the fastest median 5G internet download speed in the U.S., according to a new report published by Ookla. 

The research company’s latest “5G in the U.S.” study found T-Mobile had a peak median download speed on its 5G network of 287.14 megabits per second (Mbps) before a slight drop-off in April and May. 

Verizon similarly peaked in March at 224.67 before dipping. 

(Image credit: Ookla)

As Ookla also notes, Verizon is gaining ground on T-Mobile, even surpassing in in median upload speed. 

(Image credit: Ookla)

Last week, the Advertising Research Federation released more new figures, suggesting that 6% of U.S. households watch video exclusively on mobile devices, a tally that increased by 1 million homes since 2022, the group said. 

Notabaly, according to Ookla, both T-Mobile and Verizon have improved their experience for video and gaming over 5G since last year. 

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Ookla lead industry analyst Mark Giles noted: “5G performance in the United States continues to improve as more midband spectrum becomes available. In March, T-Mobile gained access to additional 2.5 GHz spectrum it won at auction 108 in 2022, and we’re already beginning to see the impact of this, adding extra capacity to its 5G network and boosting performance in rural U.S. locations in particular. In just one month, T-Mobile’s median download performance across the U.S. increased by 29.64 Mbps.”

The overall 5G experience does vary state to state, Ookla also said. 

(Image credit: Ookla)

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