The new ARC Research Hub in the Internet of Things for Water is one of seven new research hubs funded by the Australian Research Council, with Queensland University of Technology announcing the new hub’s leadership team on Tuesday.

The effort is led by director Yang Liu, a Professor and Chair of Sustainable Water Technologies at QUT, with David McCarthy,  Professor and Chair in Sustainable Urban Water Management, co-leading the hub’s bid.

“The Hub expects to transform Australian capabilities by delivering cutting-edge technologies, and novel visualisation and analytics methods, supported by new business models,” said Liu.

“We aim to enhance capabilities to secure water for industry, society and the environment, and improve our productivity through new water management techniques.”

The QUT researchers with chief investigator roles were named as: 

– Faculty of Engineering Executive Dean Professor Ana Deletic

Professor McCarthy  and Associate Professor Prasanna Egodawatta, from the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering;

Associate Professor Ajay Pandey and Dr Maryam Haghighat from the Faculty of Engineering’s School of Electrical Engineering and Robotics;

Professor Raja Jurdak, a Professor of Distributed Systems and Chair in Applied Data Sciences, and Professor Yanming Feng from the Faculty of Science’s School of Computer Science; and

Associate Professor Sara Khalifa from the Faculty of Science’s School of Information Systems.

Funding for the new Research Hub was awarded $5 million on Friday by the ARC, which also funded six other Industrial Transformation Research Hubs and seven Industrial Transformation Training Centres. 

The new Hub’s total value is $11.8 million once contributions from industry partners are included. 

These were not listed in the statement, but are said to include water sector companies, including technology developers and manufacturers, telecommunications providers and cybersecurity service providers.

Picture: credit QUT

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