Food experiments have become common these days. You must have come across bizarre culinary combinations on the internet, like apple idlis, paan dosas, and Maggi samosa chaat, to name a few. Generally, original food lovers are deterred by the idea of trying these odd combinations, but not all food experiments are that bad. For proof, there is a video shared by a food vlogger on Instagram, featuring an uncanny yet delicious fusion: Samyang Buldak spicy noodles and chocolate ice cream. If you have a low spice tolerance, this culinary combo might just be perfect for you.

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“Samyang Buldak Spicy Noodles can be quite spicy. So try it with some chocolate ice cream! It’s still going to be quite spicy, but it helps a bit,” read the caption. The video shows a bowl of the famous Korean ramen noodles. To tone down the garlicky, peppery, and smoky-hot flavour, the food vlogger adds one scoop of refreshing chocolate ice cream. The thought of mixing a spicy dish with a sweet one might feel a little unusual, but as the saying goes, always “trust the process.”

The food vlogger mixes the noodles and the ice cream with chopsticks. The result is a creamier texture. Finally, he takes a mouthful of the combo, and his reaction says it all. He nods his head and gives a thumbs-up gesture, indicating that the dish is worth a try. “Yes. Chocolate goes so well with spicy food. Plus, it is now so much creamier,” reads the text on top of the video.

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Positive reactions flooded the comment section. “That actually looks so good,” said one user. “I tried this with vanilla ice cream and it was great! I bet chocolate is better,” affirmed another. A few foodies expressed a desire to try the interesting combo someday. “When that non-spicy friend wants to try spicy food,” read a comment. Some of the comments suggested adding a few more ingredients such as yogurt. There were also a few other combos mentioned in the comments. “Try peanut butter Maggi,” said one of them.

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