Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are reportedly going through a rough patch in their marriage of nearly two years

Photo:What caused Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez fallout two years after marriage?
Photo:What caused Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez ‘fallout’ two years after marriage?

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez seemingly have many differences, which caused a rift between the two.

As fans will know, the popular couple, who is more commonly known as “Bennifer”, is currently going through a marital strain.

An insider recently shared with In Touch Weekly that the couple was nearly oblivious to their differences until the release of Jennifer’s highly publicized documentary, This Is Me… Now: A Love Story in February 2024.

A mole squealed about this film, “The making of her documentary [The Greatest Love Story Never Told] was a real eye-opener for them.”

They also established that this movie gave them the chance to ponder over their apparent differences with more detail.

“They both sat back and looked at how different they really are,” the insider added.

Pointing one of their many differences, the source said, “While Jennifer loves being the center of attention, Ben would rather live his life away from the spotlight.”

In conclusion, they claimed, “At the end of the day, they both just want different things out of life.”

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