Who is Keira Knightley’s husband, James Righton?

James Righton with his Klaxons bandmates Jamie Reynolds and Simon Taylor-Davis. Photo: @klaxonsband/Instagram

Righton, 40, is most famous for being one third of the Klaxons, an indie rock outfit from southeast London whose songs “Gravity’s Rainbow” and “Golden Skans” were among those spearheading the country’s “nu rave” movement in 2006.

Not only did the psychedelic post-punk band beat Amy Winehouse to the coveted Mercury Prize in 2007, per NME, but it performed with Rihanna a year later and toured the world until its split in 2015.
James Righton said he went through “a journey of extreme highs, extreme lows” with the Klaxons. Photo: @klaxonsband/Instagram

How did Keira Knightley meet James Righton?

Keira Knightley and James Righton photographed by British Turkish designer Erdem in his studio in 2022. Photo: @amagazinecuratedby/Instagram
According to interviews that Knightley, 39, gave, the pair met at an Oscars screening party in London’s SoHo hosted by a mutual friend in 2011. “We were very drunk”, the actress admitted to The Guardian in 2014 – a fact echoed by Righton. “I was really, really drunk,” he confirmed to The Independent. “So I was fearless. I don’t know what I did or said that connected. Maybe she took pity on me.”
Keira Knightley and James Righton were both drunk when they first met at an Oscars screening party. Photo: @maroca_street_style/Instagram

Even funnier is that Knightley didn’t even know who the Klaxons were at the time, Righton told the New York Post, because she’d been working in the US when the band were having their moment in the UK.

Does Keira Knightley have kids?

Keira Knightley and James Righton on their wedding day. Photo: @lejouroficial/Instagram

The couple tied the knot in Provence in a small ceremony in France in 2013, per People, and welcomed their first child, Edie, in 2015. Four years later, they welcomed a second daughter, Delilah.

Keira Knightley and James Righton make public appearances together very occasionally at Chanel fashion shows and film premieres. Photo: @_celeb_babies_kids/Instagram

Their life isn’t very glamorous

James Righton has described his wife Keira Knightley as “the least movie star person possible”. Photo: @keiraksource/Instagram

The couple often joke in interviews about how mundane their lives are since they’ve had children. In an interview with The Independent, Righton spoke about how the couple takes the kids to school and organises children’s parties on weekends. Righton also called Knightley “the least movie star person possible”, while the actress referred to him as a “history buff” to The Guardian, who stays at home and reads a lot.

James Righton and Keira Knightley have two daughters. Photo: @keiraksource/Instagram

What’s more, despite her estimated net worth of US$80 million, per Celebrity Net Worth, the Atonement actress seems to have made a conscious decision to eschew the glam life, once telling American Glamour: “I think living an [expensive] lifestyle means you can’t hang out with people who don’t live that lifestyle.”

What is the Klaxons’ James Righton doing now?

James Righton recently composed the music for an Erdem show at Chatsworth House. Photo: @james__righton/Instagram

In his interview with The Independent, Righton admitted that his glory days with the Klaxons messed him up for a while: “We’d gone through such a journey of extreme highs, extreme lows, that by the end of it I didn’t know if I could do it, or wanted to do it. I was lacking in any kind of confidence.” Enjoying its heyday in the noughties, the group released three albums before breaking up in 2015.

Nevertheless, after briefly considering giving up music and opening a microbrewery, according to the BBC, he got back on the horse with lots of encouragement from Knightley.

James Righton on stage with LCD Soundsystem in 2022. Photo: @james__righton/Instagram

Since then, he’s collaborated with Arctic Monkeys producer James Ford on new music under the name Shock Machine, written a lockdown album called Jim, I’m Still Here, and even worked with Abba on its groundbreaking stage show Voyage.

However, his most recent projects hint at more crossover with his wife’s world. Not only has he been scoring TV soundtracks, but he’s also created the music for a Tiffany & Co. exhibition in Tokyo, an Erdem catwalk show at London Fashion Week and, most recently, an Erdem exhibition at Chatsworth House – the stately home where Knightley filmed Pride & Prejudice.

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