To celebrate 20th anniversary of their 2004 LP, Jeff Tweedy and company deliver full album performance at their Massachusetts fest

Earlier this month marked the 20th anniversary of Wilco’s A Ghost Is Born, and to celebrate its belated birthday, the band performed the entire 2004 album in its entirety Saturday at their Solid Sound Festival.

A night after Jeff Tweedy and company performed a for-hardcore-fans-only “Deep Cuts!” set at their annual North Adams, Massachusetts fest, the band returned to more familiar territory Saturday night with what was advertised as a typical Wilco set.

After a string of fan favorites and the live debut of two songs off their new Hot Sun Cool Shroud EP, however, things took a turn as Wilco began playing A Ghost Is Born tracks in the same order as the album’s track list: First “At Least That’s What You Said,” then “Hell Is Chrome,” then “Spiders (Kidsmoke),” etc, and it soon became apparent that Solid Sound goers were in the midst of a full album performance.

During the lengthy noise jam that concludes the penultimate track “Less Than You Think,” Wilco walked off-stage, but returned for the encore that kicked off with the album’s closing song, “The Late Greats,” plus other non-A Ghost of Born favorites.


The Solid Sound festival concludes Sunday with performances by Wednesday, Iris DeMent, and Jeff Tweedy & Friends. 

As Rolling Stone reported this week, on July 18, the online gear store Reverb will launch a new sale of rare guitars, signed posters, and other instruments and gear from the Wilco Loft, following a similar sale last year. “My guitars are like my children; I love them so much,” Tweedy said in a press release. “That said, I am thankful there is a place I can easily and safely sell the children that no longer bring me joy.”

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