A Family Affair, starring Zac Efron and Nicole Kidman released on Netflix on Friday, June 28

Zac Efron shares hilarious behind-the-scenes snippet of Joey King

Zac Efron recently shared hilarious behind-the-scenes snippet of Joey King doing her own stunt in their rom-com A Family Affair.

The Netflix rom-com, featuring Zac as Chris Cole, Joey King as Zara, and Nicole Kidman as Zara’s mother Brooke, released on Friday, June 28.

The High School Musical alum took to his Instagram to share a glimpse from the film’s behind-the-scenes.

In the video, King could be seen banging her head on the door after her character caught her mother spicing things up with her boyfriend, who is also her boss.

Zara nearly threw up when she witnessed her mother and boss in the compromising position.

In addition, Kidman and the 36-year-old, who received a star on Hollywood Walk of Fame, were spotted bursting in happy tears as they witnessed the hilarious scene.

They flaunted a thumbs up as Joey walked towards them.

Efron captioned the post: “Let’s go! A Family Affair is out now on netflix nicolekidman joeyking #AFamilyAffair”

Fans couldn’t help but appreciate King’s phenomenal acting skills.

One fan commented: “Yes! Her acting was on point”.

Another fan added: “I’ve rewatched this 10 times trying to figure out how she does it so well lol So good”.

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